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Schedule of Condition Reports to Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors

Qualified & Experienced Surveyor Inspection and Report

Cost & Time Effective Solutions

Welcome to Schedule of Condition Direct

At Schedule of Condition Direct we provide fully completed Schedule of Condition Reports to Party Wall Surveyors and Building Surveyors within the Surveying Profession.

HD Photograph Images

All images are taken in landscape and in HD Jpeg format. These are then stored on our Google Drive server for you to download directly.


Three Column Approach

Our Reports follow a three column approach, setting out the room, element of the room and the defects and imperfections noted.

Experienced Surveyors

All of the inspections and reports are undertaken and prepared by experienced Party Wall Surveyors.

Schedule of Condition Direct Benefits:

Our Surveyors undertake the Schedule of Condition Inspection so you don’t have to.

The completed Schedule of Condition Report will be compiled and signed off by our experienced Surveyors.

All completed Schedule of Condition Reports are fully typed and spell checked.

We complete the reports in a time effective manner, our aim is to have the completed report with you within 2 days of inspection.

Our pricing structure ensures you benefit from a fixed cost and cost effective service for the completed report with no added extras.

We can also offer Surveyor observation and input within the report, flagging up any potential Award issues that our Party Wall Surveyors note during the site inspection.

Your branding or ours? You choose, we can fully brand the completed Schedule of Condition Report to meet your companies brand guidelines.

We can complete the Schedule of Condition Report in either a Portrait or Landscape option, whichever best suits your requirements.

When we arrive at the property, we will confirm we are inspecting on your behalf.  Upon your request and confirmation, we can also identify ourselves as colleagues of yours.

Want to see an example of one of our Reports?

We’ve included our branding, however can add yours to ensure it meets your brand guidelines and works seamlessly with your company.


Click on the SOC icon to see an example Report!

Schedule of Condition Direct Fixed Costs:

There’s no hidden extras, dictation costs, parking costs, printing or postage! 

The fees are all inclusive and include the completed report, images and the Surveyor’s dictated recording undertaken during the inspection. 


Internal Works/Loft Conversions

£150 + VAT

Complex Internal Works

£155 + VAT


£150 + VAT

Basement Conversions

£160 + VAT

If you’d like to also include a check off inspection, we are happy to include that at the time of booking the initial inspection. Please allow a further 50% of the above fees to cover the additional visit.

How We are Operating During the Covid Pandemic

During the inspection itself, the Surveyor will attend site with PPE on, including  a face mask, gloves and shoe coverings that will be put on at the threshold to the property.

The Surveyor will not touch anything during their inspection, outside of any absolute requirement to do so.

We’d also request that owners or occupants are advised in advance of our inspection to open windows to allow for air circulation during the Surveyor’s time in the property. 


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